Rossa's farewell to Erin


Farewell to friends of Dublin Town, I bid ye all adieu
I cannot yet appoint the day that I’ll return to you
I write these lines on board a ship, where the stormy billows roar
May heaven bless our Fenian men till I return once more

I joined the Fenian Brotherhood in the year of sixty four
Resolved to save my native land, or perish on the shore
My friends and me, we did agree, our native land to save
And to raise the flag of freedom o’er the head of Emmet’s grave

My curse attend those traitors who did our cause betray
I’d throw a rope around their necks, and drown them in the bay
There was Nagle, Massey, Corydon, and Talbot, he makes four
Like demons for their thirst of gold, they’re punished evermore

Let no man blame the turnkey, nor any of the men
There’s no one knows but two of us, the man who served my friend
I robbed no man, I spilt no blood, tho’ they sent me to jail
Because I was O’Donovan Rossa, and a son of Granuaile


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Fenian Rising