Roving Bachelor


Come all ye roving bachelors who want to take a wife
I pray you be most careful in the changing of your life
For women, they are wily things, they’ll bring you swift to woe
So think well all ye bachelors before ye further go

Take my advice, be ruled by me and single earn your bread
For if by chance you’ve got a wife, you’d better half be dead
For she will let her tongue run on till you are nearly mad
And you’ll think the day you married her the baddest of the bad

There was a man all in a cart a-going to be hanged
Then came a message from the King that caused the cart to stand
If he would marry to a wife, oh then he would go free
And he would never decorate the awful gallows tree

He pondered long for life is dear to every man alive
But bitter is the cup of him who foolish takes a wife
‘The bargain’s hard, I must admit, I find it hard to part
But a wife is not a remedy, so pray drive on the cart’


Written by song collector Petrie, itsĀ origin was traced to Glynn in County Wexford

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