Roving Journeyman


I am a roving journeyman, I roam from town to town
And wherever I get a bit of work, I’ll always settle down
With my bundle on my shoulder and my stick within my hand
It’s down the country I will go, a roving journeyman
And when I come to Carlow, the girls all jump with joy
Says one unto the other, “Here comes the roving boy”
One treats me to a bottle, others to a dram
As they raise their glasses say “here’s to the journeyman”

I hadn’t been in Carlow two days or maybe three
When McGuire’s lovely daughter says she fell in love with me
She wanted me to marry her and took me by the hand
And shyly told her mother that she loved the journeyman
Ah, hold your tongue, you silly girl, and don’t you say no more
How can you love a journeyman you never saw before ?
Oh, hold your tongue dear mother and do the best you can
It’s down the country I will go with my roving journeyman

I took my stick into my hand, I took my kit also
Away from friends and parents, a roving I did go
In every town I went through, I got a new sweetheart
And I’m always broken-hearted when from her I have to part
And now my loving sweethearts, to you I bid adieu
And if ever I return again I’ll surely marry you
Let them all be talking, and say the worst they can
For it’s off to Dublin I will go, a roving journeyman


Roving Journeyman

Roving Journeyman



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