Sailing into Youghal


As I lie in my lonely prison cell
Some memories are branded on my mind
Each minute lasts an hour, time weighs heavy on my heart
Though I try, no peace here can I find

And I’m missing Joanne by the sea
And I’m hoping that she will wait for me
And I can still see her smiling down by the harbour wall
How she’d wave when I’d come sailing into Youghal

How I wish I was back again in Youghal
To take a stroll, with Joanne by the sea
But the bright city lights on the wild side of life
Has brought me to this misery

There’s a bar by the harbour down in Youghal
And there’s a beach with miles of golden sand
There are bars on this cell and it’s here I must dwell
And this misery is more than I can stand

There’s a clock tower by JD’s down in Youghal
O happy times, we stood there holding hands
There’s a lighthouse by the bay, it would lighten up our way
Like moonlight on footprints in the sand


I wrote this song around 1990. That was long before I retired to Youghal. I’ve been living here for 12 years now and have never met Joanne nor her boyfriend who did time in Mountjoy

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Reg Keating