So right away, so right away
So right away, Salonika
Right away, my soldier boy

My husband’s in Salonika
And I wonder if he’s dead
I wonder if he knows he has
A kid with a foxy head (Chorus)

Now when the war is over
What will the slackers do
They’ll be all around the soldiers
For the loan of a bob or two (Chorus)

But when the war is over
What will the soldiers do
They’ll be walking around with a leg-and-a-half
And the slackers will have two (Chorus)

And they tax their pound o’ butter
They tax their halfpenny bun
But still with all their taxes
They can’t beat the bloody Hun (Chorus)

And they tax the old Colosseum
They tax St Mary’s Hall
Why don’t they tax the bobbies
Wi’ their backs ag’in’ the wall (Chorus)

But when the war is over
What will the slackers do
For every kid in Americay
In Cork there will be two (Chorus)

For they takes us out to Blarney
They lays us on the grass
They puts us in the family way
And leaves us on our arse (Chorus)

There’s lino in the parlour
And in the kitchen too
A glass-backed chevonier
That we got from Dicky Glue (Chorus)

And before that I got married
Sure I used to wear a shawl
But now the war is over
‘Tis hanging in Jones’ pawn (Chorus)

And never marry a soldier
A sailor or a Marine
But keep your eye on the Sinn Fein boy
With his yellow, white and green (Chorus)


The Macedonian front (also known as the Salonika front) of World War I was formed as a result of an attempt by the Allied Powers to aid Serbia in the autumn of 1915 against the combined attack of Germany,  Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria.

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