Silvery Lee


Rivers there are, great and small
Romantic too, the course of many
With coated crag and foamy fall
But never a river saw I any
Half as fair, so dear to me
As my own, my silvery Lee

Much I’ve heard about the Rhine
With vineyards gay and castles stately
But those who think I care for wine
Or lofty towers, mistake me greatly
A thousand times more dear to me
Is whiskey by the silvery Lee

The Tagus, with its golden sand
The Tiber, full of ancient glory
The Danube, though a river grand
The Seine and Elbe, renowned in story
Can never be so dear to me
As the pure and silvery Lee

’Tis not the voice that tongues the stream
In winter hoarse, in spring-time clearer
That makes my own sweet river seem
Above all other rivers dearer
But ’tis her voice, who whispers me
How lovely is the silvery Lee


Song Clip