Silvery sands of Tramore


There are beautiful places in Ireland
Of there grandeur, we proudly may boast
But there’s no place on earth that’s so charming
As the gem of our Southern coast
Where the white breakers from the Atlantic
Come tumbling on to the shore
And the blue skies above smile a welcome
To the silvery sands of Tramore

On the silvery sands of Tramore
Everyone’s happy and gay
Just come along and see what fun it can be
And soon you’ll be planning to stay
Where there’s laughter and peace and contentment
And a welcome you’ve not had before,
All your cares fade away when you dream or you play
On the silvery sands of Tramore

If its beauty and romance your seeking
Just stroll at the close of the day
From the promenade out to the burrows
Sure your heart you could loose on the way
Take the Doneraille walk o’er the cliff-tops
By a pathway that follows the shore,
There, the metal-man stands as a guardian
O’er the silvery sands of Tramore


Song Clip




Mai O-Higgins