Star of Drung


The very first time I saw my love the stormy winds did blow
The hills and heathery mountains were clad and covered with snow
I had been out late a friend to meet which caused me to stray
It was there I met Flora she stole my heart away

It was her voice interested me she sang so loud and high
Right carefully I asked her for dwelling it was nigh
Right modestly she answered me with a mild and delightful tongue
Kind sir my habitation and my dwelling lies in Drung

We spent that night in merriment and we parted the next day
I could wish with all my heart I had her on the sea
I asked it if her father and he says his child’s too young
Till the day I’ll never deny I loved the star of Drung

Farewell to Letterkenny the place where I was born and bred
Likewise to Londonderry where I first learned my trade
Farewell unto my sweetheart my comrades old and young
And twice farewell to Flora she’s the blazing star of Drung


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Song Themes

Love and romance