Sweet Innisfallen


Sweet Innisfallen, fare thee well
May calm and sunshine long be thine
How fair thou art, let others tell
To feel how fair shall long be mine

Sweet Innisfallen, long shall dwell
In memory’s dream that sunny smile
Which o’er thee on that evening fell
When first I saw thy fairy isle

No more along thy shores to come
But on the world’s rude ocean tost
Dream of thee sometimes, as a home
Of sunshine, he had seen and lost

Weeping or smiling, lovely isle
And all the lovelier for thy tears
For though but rare thy sunny smile
’tis Heaven’s own glance, when it appears

Like feeling hearts whose joys are few
But when indeed they come, divine
The brightest light the sun e’er threw
Is lifeless to one gleam of thine


Innisfallen is an island in Lough Leane, one of Killarney’s three lakes. It was the location of Innisfallen Abbey, an early Christian monastery founded in 640 by St. Finian the Leper, and occupied for approximately 850 years. It was here that the Annals of Innisfallen which chronicle early Irish history were written.

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Thomas Moore