Sweet River Suir


I’ve heard great talk of the river Barrow
The Grand Canal and Dungarvan Bay
The River Nile where the crocodile
And alligator do sport and play
But of all the streams in this Irish nation
To hear them praised, sure I can’t endure
Barring one I dote on, where boats, they float on
You know I mean the Sweet River Suir

This noble river presents a prospect
From Muckincannon to Slievenamon
It has the most divinest aspect
You ever set your two eyes upon
The stately buildings of Poulakerry
And Kineer Castle so demure
If you walked from Paris to where Rathgar is
You’d never match the sweet River Suir

You sons of Neptune, I mean the boatmen
You are the rulers of this fine stream
You’re the navigators and conservators
The best that nature could ever frame
When hauling horses and warbling sea-gulls
They join a chorus, melodious, pure
The flukes and eels dance jigs and reels
By the lovely banks of the River Suir

’tis there you’d see sweet maids a-maying
The jackass braying in strains so pure
Quails, rocks, and rails, and the sweet wagtails
That adorn the banks of the lovely Suir
’tis there you’d see Matt Ryan’s daughter
Washing praties outside the door
And on the other side, as you’d cross the water
You’d hear CuIlinan’s bulls most melodious roar

’tis there the roses so sweetly growses
That gives your noses so sweet a scent
And the daffadowndilly and little Billy
Harney reading his Testament
By sweet Colehole, I oft did stroll
That lies to the north of the Fairy Hill
Where the pretty lasses in summer passes
Leading from the Spa to Dudley’s Mill

Oh, if I had the famed tongue of Homer
Titus, Vespasian, or Daniel Bran
Nebuchadnezzar, or Julius Caesar
Or Harry Stottle, that mighty man
To describe its beauties, they were never able
Its meandering banks, so transparent pure
It far surpasses mugs, jugs and glasses
The heavens be with you, Sweet River Suir


Written by Phil Smith

Song Clip