Take me home to Mayo


Take me home to Mayo, across the sea
Home to dear old Mayo, where once I roamed so free
Take me home to Mayo, there let my body lie
Home to dear old Mayo, beneath the western sky

My name is Michael Gaughan, from Ballina I came
I saw my people suffering, and swore to break the chains
I raised the flag England, prepared to fight or die
Far away from Mayo beneath the western sky

My body’s cold and hungry, in Parkhurst jail I lie
For loving of my country, on hunger strike I die
I have just one last longing, I pray you’ll not deny
Bury me in Mayo, beneath an Irish sky

Mayo 1

Songs of Mayo


Written by Seamus Robinson.

Michael Gaughan was an IRA hunger striker who died in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight on 3 June 1974. He was born on 5 October 1949 in Ballina, County Mayo where he lived at Healy Terrace before emigrating to England in search of work. There, he became an IRA volunteer in a London-based active service unit in December 1971. He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for his part in a bank robbery in Hornsey, North London. While in prison, he became part of the 1974 campaign for political status. After a hunger strike that lasted 64 days, he died on Monday 3 June 1974, aged 24 years. His body was brought back to Ireland and was buried on 9 June in Leigue Cemetery, Ballina.



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