The Fermanagh Way


I was down in a hole
Hurtin’ in my soul
When my friend on the phone told me it’s ok
There’s a team you can see,
The football sets you free
Come on over, watch them do it
The Fermanagh way

Ciaran O’Reilly, Martin McGrath
The Maguires and the Sherrys, Over the bar
McCloskey, McBarron, stand where you are
Hey, Raymond Johnston, hold on

If your team is a mess
Your county’s in distress
Put your future to the test
The Fermanagh way
Throw your worries to the wind
You’ll find it’s no sin
Start a new way of winning
The Fermanagh way

So I scraped up the bread
Set my compass dead ahead
And I’m standing here in Croker in the white and green
And I’m roaring out loud with some young one in the crowd
Saying ‘I’m from Enniskillen, I’m a lean machine’

Out shoots Tinney, Bradley’s away
Niall Bogue, Barry Owens, making my day
McDermott and Little, what can I say ?
Here’s to you Charlie Mulgrew

Gimme one more day
Ma, I gotta stay
See them heroes play
The Fermanagh Way
Hey! Hey!


Paul Brady – copyright 2004 Hornall Brothers’ Music

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