The Ferryman


All the little boats are gone
From the breast of Anna Liffey
And the ferrymen are stranded on the quay
The Dublin docks are dying
And a way of life is gone
And Molly, it was part of you and me

Where the strawberry beds
Sweep down to the Liffey
You’ll kiss away the worries from my brow
I love you well today
And I’ll love you more tomorrow
If you ever loved me Molly, love me now

‘Twas the only job I knew
It was hard but never lonely
The Liffey Ferry made a man of me
Now it’s gone without a whisper
Forgotten even now
Sure it’s over Molly, over can’t you see

Well, now I spin my yarns
And spend my days in talking
I hear them whisper Charlie’s on the dole
But Molly, we’re still living
And darling, we’re still young
And that river never owned me, heart and soul


Liffey FerryBefore the existence of Seán O’Casey, Samuel Beckett and East Link Bridges, the Liffey Ferry transported dockers and other workers across the river at a point near Spencer Dock. It was a motorized barge service operated by Dublin Corporation and was discontinued in 1986. The uncovered barge carried up to 40 standing passengers and did the round trip every 10 minutes.  Times were very different then with the Munster and Leinster Mail Boat sailing daily for Liverpool from North Wall Quay which was also the center for dockland and industrial activity. That all changed in the 1970s and the activities moved east past the East Wall Road to Alexandra Basin.

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