The Glen's Armour Car


Seamus Bannon of Tipp, one day we were told
Was the greatest mid-fielder e’er hurley to hold.
But he fell by the wayside like all other men
When he met with the Armour Car of the Glen.

With me faldidi addidee, faldidi addiding
Master of all was our own Christy Ring

A game it took place in famed Limerick town
The band led the players the field once around
Now the game opened up, Bannon struck a great ball
From fifty odd yards twixt the post it did fall

First-blood to Bannon, from the crowd brought a cheer
For the next fifty minutes, ’twas Ringie was there
The Tipp man went this way, the Cork man went that
Bannon was the mouse and Ringie was the cat

Tipp’s win over Cork in the records you’ll find
But the greatness of one man will live in our minds
Such poetry of movement and sweetness of stroke
In the eyes of each man, a bright light awoke.

Now once more to Limerick, this famed hurling team
The likes of this Tipp team, there never was seen
Met once more with the Corkmen but this you all know
Overconfidence cost them their four-in-a-row

The Tipp crowd converging on Limerick that day
Were certain of wiping that record away
But leaving that night, sure no cup did they bear
The man that they blamed, a left half forward fair

Jack Lynch was a stylist and Mackey was cute
Pat Stakelum could drive them and Rackard could shoot
Roll them all in together and what do you find?
The Glen’s Armour Car sir, the great master mind


This ballad to Christy Ring was written by Val Dorgan.

Ring was born in Cloyne, County Cork on 12 October 1920. He played inter-county minor hurling for Cork when he was sixteen and joined the senior squad three years later in the 1939-40 National Hurling League. He continued to play on the senior county team for the nexr twenty-four years, during which time he won eight All-Ireland medals, nine Munster medals and three National Hurling League medals. At club level, he won thirteen championship medals with Glen Rovers. Ring is widely regarded as one of the greatest hurlers in the history of the game, with many former players, commentators and fans rating him as the number one player of all-time.

He died of a heart attack on 2 March 1979.


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