The man they called the Brang


There once was a hurler who inspired us all
And his praises loud we sang
Built like an ox and as cute as a fox
The man they called “The Brang”

You’ve heard the tales of Carey and Ring
All the hurlers of great renown
But from the valley of Laois it’s hard to beat
The giant from Castletown

No better man could you have at your side
When the battle was in full flight
He patrolled the square like a grizzly bear
A hero in blue and white

No team was feared as we strode out
To face the stars of the game
For out on the field was a man of steel
John Cuddy was his name

Against brave Oulart in Enniscorthy
He stood out like the sun
When all hope was gone, he roared us on
Until victory it was won

And even when illness struck him down
He returned to rally his men
There was plenty of crack, “The Brang” was back
We were on the road again

His final game was in Nowlan Park
Against those mighty men from Birr
Under November skies, he led his boys
And showed them how to hurl

Now God has called him from this life
His earthly hardships are at an end
Even though he’s gone, his memory still lives on
Our kind and generous friend

Your cheery wit and cheeky grin
We’ll miss as days go by
But no matter where we go, when hearts are low
We’ll talk of you and smile

Now wherever a game of hurling is played
And the boys from the village enter the fray
When you hear the clash of the noble ash
Think of John Cuddy and how he used to play

So gather round both young and old
And pay tribute to this great man
No need to fear, for his spirit’s here
The man they called “The Brang”


Written by John O’ Sullivan

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