The Mero


Somebody`s under the bed, whoever can it be?
I feel so very nervous, I call for Joanee
Joanee lights the candle but there’s nobody there
He Hi, Diddeleedai and out goes she

Skipping rope still turning, children at their play
In and out of Clarendon Street, in and out to pray
I haven’t prayed for twenty years or sung a happy song
Since praying went with innocence and the devil played along

And we all went up to the Mero; hey there, who’s your man?
It’s only Johnny Forty Coats, sure he’s a desperate man
Bang Bang shoots the buses with his golden key
He Hi, Diddeleedai and out goes she

Me father was a Stater and me mother loved a Tan
She loved her Haffenner’s sausages and her soldier fancy man
Our Nora’s up in Jacobs, and Mary’s on the town
And I joined the Transport Union when they said me nose was brown

And we all went up to the Mero; hey there, who’s your man
It’s Brendan Behan out walking, sure he’s the ginger man
A fainne up his arse hole and he’s shouting póg-mo-hone
Do you think you’re bleedin’ Mandrake, why don’t ya write a poem

I’ve a tanner for the Mero and me Confo money’s hid
If Mary’s in the family way, she can blame the Cisco Kid
I’ll be langers in the morning, me longers need a patch
Ah, Jesus – there’s Con Martin, I hope ya won the match

Me uncle had a wolfhound that never had to pee
But Hairy Lemon snatched it down on Eden Quay
Now I have me Primo and me Scapulars of Blue
For helping the black babies and Dolly Fossett too

And we all went up to the Mero; hey there, who’s your man
It’s Alfie Byrne out walking, now there’s a decent man
Communion every morning, here’s to the fastin spit
Olivia De Havilland has a freckle on her tit

It’s true that Dublin’s changing since the pillar was blown down
By the winds of violence that are buggerin’ up the town
We used to solve a difference with a diggin’ match and jar
But now they’re all playin’ Bang Bang, that’s goin’ too bleedin’ far

So we’ll all go up to the Mero; hey there, who’s your man
It’s only me Guardian Angel, get a large one for yer man
There’s no use bleedin` rushin’, sure now’s the holy hour
A plenary indulgence and another baby-power



The Mero was a cinema in Mary Street where it was said ‘cripples could go in on crutches and come out walking …. with fleas’

Clarendon Street Church is still popular with Dublin shoppers who pop in and out for a quick prayer

Johnny Forty Coats was a Dublin character known for wearing several overcoats

Bang Bang (Thomas Dudley) hopped on and off buses in south Dublin and engaged in mock ‘shoot-outs’ with passengers. He used a large church key as an imitation gun and shouted Bang Bang as he ‘shot’ at people.

A ‘Stater’ was one who fought on the Irish side in the War of Independence

A ‘Tan’ was a soldier in the hated Black n’ Tans

Jacobs, the biscuit manufacturers were located in Bishop Street before moving to Tallaght

Mandrake was a comic magician serialized in the Dublin Evening Herald

A ‘tanner’ was six old pennies

‘Confo money’ was money collected by kids making their Confirmation

The Cisco Kid was a fictional hero of western films

Con Martin was a famous footballer who won 30 caps for Ireland and 6 for Northern Ireland.

Hairy Lemon was a dog catcher employed by Dublin Corporation

‘Primo’ was the Primary Certificate awarded to children in 6th class after completing a test examination

‘Scapulars of Blue’ were religious objects in the form of ribbon strips.

Dolly Fossett was a Dublin brothel keeper

Alfie Byrne was Lord Mayor of Dublin from 1930 until 1939 and also in 1954 and 1955

Olivia De Havilland – British American actress


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