Tipperary Tinker


I’m a wandering tinker, I’ve travelled my share
And I’ve courted the colleens from Antrim to Clare
I was always light hearted and hadn’t a care
As I sang like a lark in the morning
‘til cupid came sporting one morning in May
I spied a fair colleen while going my way
As I drew along side her, my heart went astray
And commenced for to thump without warning

Skithery aye dum di dithery I dum da dum.

I drew alongside her, she blushing with shame
And I gently inquired would she tell me her name
‘Begod now’ said she, ‘I will tell you the same
All the people I know call me Mary
But my father has got me a man in his eye
Who has plenty of land and a fortune for I
And he said that for me, he’d be willing to die
And his name is Alphonsus O’Leary’

Sure I know him myself, he has land, he has gold
Ah but look at the creature, he’s withered and old
And an old mans affections are often quite cold
Although he’d be wed to a fairy
And then look at myself, sure I’m handsome and tall
And I know that you’d love me the best of them all
So come, don’t be hiding your head in your shawl
And say that you’ll marry me, Mary

She blushed and she giggled; said she ‘You’re a rogue’
And her sweet lilting laughter was soft as her brogue
Says she ‘I’d give up all his gold for one póg
From the tinker of sweet Tipperary’
So together they went to a priest to be wed
And betwixt them a cross word has never been said
While the rich count their gold, we count children instead
And they pray for Alphonsus O’Leary

So come all you young colleens, come listen to me
Let the man that you marry be youthful and free
For although he’s much gold as there’s fish in the sea
An old man is often contrary
He will say that he’s right and ‘tis you must be wrong
And worse he will get as the years roll along
So if you want to make all your life a sweet song
Go marry a tinker like Mary


Song Clip