Town of Rostrevor


The sun in the morning came over the mountains
And the thrush and the linnet, they were singing in each tree
And as I walked along, well I thought I’d find glory
If I’d list in the army a soldier lad to be

Oh, I’m going back to the town of Rostrevor
Where the gentle rippling waters meet the mighty Mourne shore
And whenever I return I will stay there forever
In the town of Rostrevor with the girl I do adore

They gave me a hat and a fine coat of scarlet
And the sergeant came up and put a musket in my hand
Then he taught me to drill and to march in formation
And obey all my orders whenever he’d command

The fifes sweetly played and the drums, they did rattle
On a ship then, we sailed far across the raging sea
Well the cannons they did roar and the wars, they were cruel
Oh, hard is the life of a soldier lad like me

My time it is up and I’m leaving tomorrow
After three years of hardships, once more I will be free
So farewell to the guns and the drilling and the marching
And when I get back home, no more soldiering for me



Song Clip