Trace-boys of Ligoniel Hill


Do ye mind the old horse trams a long time ago
As they passed through the city at jog, trot or slow ?
On the level they cantered, but the pace it did kill
When they got to the bottom of Ligoniel Hill

But the trace-boys were there with a heart and a hand
They let down the traces and buckled each band
The passengers sat on contented and still
When they saw the bold trace-boys of Ligoniel Hill

Away we did canter as fast as the wind
And left the poor country carts plodding behind
And that song of the wind in my heart I hear still
As when I was a trace-boy on Ligoniel Hill

The youth of today hold their heads in the air
And the young girls pass by with a golliwog stare
Let them pity the crulge* on my back if they will
But I once was a trace-boy on Ligoniel Hill

My friends all departed, and work now so scarce
The only thing left is a ride in a hearse
For the sky is my roof and my bed a brick-kiln
Yet I once was a trace-boy on Ligoniel Hill

*Cramping that results from crouching too long


Song Clip