Valley of Dunloe


Have the faries all departed
And left me broken-hearted
To mourn the little creatures
We loved so long ago
Ah, most of them have vanished
But there’s one that isn’t banished
For I met her as I wandered
In the Valley of Dunloe

I had stopped a while to render
In its glory, all the splendour
Of the great sun slowly rising
And the morning mists aglow
And the rocks that rose before me
And the tree tops bending o’er me
Standing black against the sunshine
That was sweeping down Dunloe

I put in trees and grasses
And the summer cloud that passes
O’er the mountain and its shadow
In the valley far below
But what chalk could tell the story
The glamour and the glory
When those golden gleams had flooded
All the Valley of Dunloe


Song Clip




Percy French