Valley of Shanganagh


In the Valley of Shanganagh where the songs of skylarks teem
And the rose perfumes the ocean-breeze, as love the hero’s dream
‘Twas there I wooed my Maggie, in her dark eyes there did dwell
A secret that the billows knew but yet could never tell

Oh, light as fairy tread her voice fell on my bounding heart
And like the wild bee to the flower, still clinging we would part
‘Sweet valley of Shanganagh’ then I murmured ‘though I die
My soul will never leave thee for the heaven that’s in the sky’

In the Valley of Shanganagh where the sullen sea-gulls gleam
And the pine-scent fills the sighing breeze as death the lover’s dream
‘Twas there I lost my Maggie, why that fate upon us fell
The powers above us knew perhaps, if only they would tell

Oh, like the tread of mournful feet, it fell upon my heart
When, as the wild bee leaves the rose, her spirit did depart
In the valley still I linger, though it’s fain I am to die
But it’s hard to find a far-off heaven when clouds are in the sky


Written for the air ” The Wearing of the Green”

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