Where the Mulkear river flows


I will sing to you of a lovely place
And its there I would like to be
Where I could spend my time away
In merriment and glee
The maidens fair I do declare
It’s with them I would like to go
And have a stroll along those banks
Where the Mulkear river flows

I love the hills of my native place
And the valleys lying around.
Where in my youth with dog and gun
The game in plenty we found.
Its through that rich and fertile Vale
Each day I used to go
And oft’ times lay on the grassy banks
Where the Mulkear river flows

Your hills of Lough and of Brackile
Amongst you, I will remain
Where I have spent my youthful days
Around lovely Pallas-Green
Fond memories will bring to me
Those days of long ago
When I would range those valleys
Where the Mulkear river flows

I will always think on the good old days
I spent around those hills
In merry chat we oft times sat
Down by their rippling rills
And on a summers evening
When the sun would be sinking low
I would ramble through that lovely place
Where the Mulkear river flows

Along those banks I daily strayed
In the days when I was young
The wild duck fell a victim
To the level of my gun
The partridge, snipe and pheasant
Were plenty there also
And it’s many’s the day of sport we had
Where the Mulkear river flows

Oh I will praise those happy days
When in my youth and bloom
I hunted on the mountain side
By Cappamore and Doon
Through Castlegarde and Castletown
All those places I do well know
And through Gurtavalla’s moor’y land
Where the Mulkear river flows

So now to-day my comrades gay
I’ll bid you all adieu
As I must finish those few lines
One more word I’ll say to you
Train up your youth to hunt and shoot
With a dog and gun to go
And kill the game
That still remain
Where the Mulkear river flows

Limerick 1

Songs of Limerick


Written by James Ryan (Mulcahy).