Wreck of the Avondale


Come all ye tender hearted sons of ancient Grainne Uaile
I’ll tell ye of the fearful wreck of the freighter Avondale
Unto the Gasworks she was bound, with horse-power, sail and pole
When she became a total loss with thirteen ton of coal

Upon her deck, the captain bold right manfully did stand
One eye he kept upon the sky, the other on the land
His little son was there as well, his terrier dog likewise
And kindly nature seemed to smile upon their enterprise

From Carrick town they made a start, the morning bright and clear
Securely on the tide they ride, by Poulakerry’s weir
Kilsheelan they did navigate and distant Derrinlaur
And if the final bridge was passed, all danger would be o’er

O brave Sir Thomas Osborne, you little did suspect
Against your bridge, the Avondale was fated to be wrecked
The cruel pier in her poor side conveyed a dismal hole
Scamandering her precious freight of thirteen ton of coal

Her skipper and his little son lept on the other boat
Which, notwithstanding all the shock, continued for to float
They cut away the hawser, and they raised a mournful wail
And looked their last upon the mast of the lovely Avondale

‘Oh when’ the valiant captain said, ‘will I ever brave the gale
Upon her equal as a boat, with her flowing mutton sail
Nor will I steer her once again through sunshine, rain or fog’
His little son on this exclaimed, ‘O father, where’s the dog ?’

The awful truth must be revealed, the dog that was the pride
Of all the dogs in Carrick town, his master now espied
He called him in a broken voice, and gave a tearful hail
Sagaciously the faithful dog, three times he wagged his tail

The terrier with intelligence attained the nearest bank
The Avondale she settled down and by the bows she sank
The captain and his little son; his sole and only crew
Were smothered with their grief, and raised a powerful pillalew

Now here’s a health to Captain Britt, likewise his little boy
Long may they sail the Avondale and opulence enjoy
And may the Avondale once more be rendered sound and whole
And safely reach the Gasworks with her thirteen ton of coal


Printed in the Clonmel Chronicle, Nov. 1903

Song Clip