Gathering material for this site has been influenced by many sources, some of which are hereby acknowledged


Songs of Percy French (James N Healy) Ossian Publications
The Irish Song Tradition (Sean O’Boyle) Ossian Publications
New Treasury of Irish Songs and Ballads, Vol 1 & 2 Waltons
Complete Irish Street Ballads, 1 & 2 (Colm O’Lochlainn) Pan Books
Songs of Belfast (David Hammnd) Mercier Press
Songs of Dublin (Frank Harte) Ossian Publications
Folksongs and Ballads Popular in Ireland Vol 1 – 4 Ossian Publications
Irish Songs of the Sea (James N Healy) Ossian Publications
100 Irish Ballads Vol 1 & 2 (Pat Conway) Soodlum / Waltons
Dear Harp of my Country (James W Flannery) J S Sanders & Co

Web Sites

National Library of Ireland
Traditional Music Library
Michael Bracken
Donal O’Shaughnessy
Martin Dardis
Celtic Lyrics
The Mudcat Café
Traditional Ballad Index
Irish Music Daily
South Roscommon Singers Circle

Also – Memories of songs, stories and radio programmes from my childhood days.