My thoughts go back to when I was young
To the days I went to school
In my bare feet and not much to eat
On the road near Abbeyshrule

The March winds blew and the hailstones flew
All around my bony knees
And all I had for company
Was the birds upon the trees

Take me back to the good old days
To the days I went to school
The times were bad but I never was sad
On the road near Abbeyshrule

I left my home at the crack of dawn
The limestone road I’d stroll
A cross above, I can hear the dove
Just a rabbit’s down a hole

I remember well that Helen dell
And the mill stream close divides
I could see the trout as it jumped about
And I heard the corbie cry

I’m sad today for I’m far away
From that dear little village school
I can’t forget those days I spent
On the road from Abbeyshrule


Abbeyshrule (Mainistir Shruthla, meaning “Monastery of the stream”) is located in south-east County Longford, Ireland, on the Royal Canal.



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