There’s a glad in Aghadoe, Aghadoe, Aghadoe
There’s a green and silent glade in Aghadoe
Where we met, my Love and I
Love’s fair planet in the sky
O’er that sweet and silent glade in Aghadoe.

There’s a glen in Aghadoe, Aghadoe, Aghadoe
There’s a deep and secret glen in Aghadoe
Where I hid him from the eyes
Of the red-coats and their spies
That year the trouble came to Aghadoe.

Oh, my curse on one black heart in Aghadoe
On Shaun Dhubh, my mother’s son in Aghadoe
When your throat fries in hell’s drouth
Salt the flame be in your mouth
For the treachery you did in Aghadoe

For they tracked me to that glen in Aghadoe
When the price was on his head in Aghadoe
O’er the mountain through the wood
As I stole to him with food
When in hiding, lone he lay in Aghadoe.

But they never took him living in Aghadoe
With the bullets in his heart in Aghadoe
There he lay, the head, my breast
Keeps the warmth where once ’twould rest
Gone to win the traitor’s gold from Aghadoe

I walked to Mallow Town from Aghadoe
Brought his head from the gaol’s gate to Aghadoe,
Then I covered him with fern, and I piled on him the cairn,
Like an Irish king he sleeps in Aghadoe.

Oh, to creep into that cairn in Aghadoe
There to rest upon his breast in Aghadoe
Sure your dog for you could die with no truer heart than
Your own love cold on your cairn in Aghadoe.



Aghadoe is the site of a medieval monastic church overlooking Lough Leane, Muckross and Ross Castle on the Ring of Kerry. It takes its name from Acha Dá Eo, which is Irish for ‘The place of the two yew trees’. It was traditional for church yards to have only one yew tree.

Written by John Todhunter, this is a ballad about an unknown young man who was captured and beheaded after the 1798 Rebellion. His lover hid him in the Glen of Aghadoe, but her brother betrayed him to the Redcoats. She retrieved his head from the gate at Mallow gaol and buried it in Aghadoe.


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