Ballycroy beside the Blacksod Bay


I’ve sampled the bright lights of London Town
Then to Paris, Amsterdam and on to Rome
Tokyo and then Hong Kong, did some sailing in Siam
And now I’m here on Broadway all alone

Ballycroy beside the Blacksod Bay
Where Nephin Beg comes rolling to the sea
Ballycroy, I’m coming home to stay
My Mayo home is where I want to be

Don’t you cry New York City when I’m gone
You should have known that I couldn’t stay too long
For I’m bound for Charlestown, Castlebar, then Newport Town
From Mulranny, Castlehill will hear my song.

If you’ve seen the seven wonders of the world
Then to leave the best one out would be absurd.
For Mayo has rugged charm that will take you in her arms
Give you treasure only Heaven can afford.

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In the late 1960s I had several ongoing construction projects which necessitated much travel from Dublin to Mayo. I wrote this song during that period. It’s sung by Liam Donnelly




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