Banagher, the town I left behind


Last night as I lay sleeping
A dream came to my mind
About a place I loved so well
The town I left behind
And down the years I travelled
To days so long ago
I swear to you, I never saw
A face I didn’t know

And sometimes when I’m lonesome
I think of where I’m from
On Cuba Street where old friends meet
The Shannon where we swam
And I can see that old bog road
With turf piled to the sky
Oh Banagher, you’ll be my town
Until the day I die

Again I walked the Lusmagh fields
Where often I did stray
And once again I saw old friends
The friends of yesterday
The Dolans and the Lunhams
The Mallons and the Ryans
The memories these names evoke
Of far off happy times

And ‘round the town I wandered
I knew my way so well
And then I saw the old sports field
Where first I’d learned to hurl
I heard the curlew’s lonesome call
Across the Callows still
I watched the crows fly ‘round the ruins
Of Wallers’ falling mill

But now I’m in St. Louis
It’s here I’ve made my home
I’ve watched my life drift slowly by
I’ve seen my children grow
And though this land’s been good to me
And happiness I’ve found
Just one more time I’d like to see
The town I left behind
Chorus twice


Written and performed by Johnny McEvoy

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