Bantry Bay


As I’m sitting all alone in the gloaming
It might have been but yesterday
That we watched the fisher sails all a homing
Till the little herring fleet at anchor lay
Then the fisher girls with baskets a swinging
Came running down the old stone way
Every lassie to her sailor lad was singing
A welcoming to Bantry Bay

Then we heard the pipers sweet note a running
And all the lassies turned to hear
As they mingled with a soft voice crooning
Till the music floated down the wooden pier
Save you kindly Colleens all, said the piper
Hands across the trip while I play
And a tender sound of song and merry dancing
Stole softly over Bantry Bay

Now I’m sitting alone in the gloaming
The shadows of the past draw near
And I see the loving faces all around me
That used to glad the old brown pier
Some are gone upon their last journey homing
Some are left, they’re old and grey
And we’re waiting for the tide now in the gloaming
To sail upon the Great Highway
To the land of rest that is unending
All peacefully from Bantry Bay

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James L Mulloy