Beach at Curracloe


Eighty years ago, I was born at Curracloe
A sunny sandy beach near Wexford Town
A rambling tear-away, I sailed for Botany Bay
Quenched my wanderlust, settled down
On the planes of New South Wales, the harvest never fails
A flock of sheep’s ten thousand head or more
When shearing work was done in that everlasting sun
Found fortune in the fleece upon the floor

Through the years since that day, when I sailed away
My heart might wander where the winds would blow
My heart has returned, a fire inside me burns
To wander down the beach at Curracloe

An Australian girl I wed, in truth it must be said
In all the world no fairer could be found
Our first child died at birth, it nearly broke her heart
As part of her was buried in the ground
Time heals, tears they dry, ‘neath a clear Australian sky
Her grandchildren were there the day she died
Since she passed away, blue skies turned to grey
My heart is homeward drifting on the tide

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Reg Keating