Blue Hills of Breffni


Blue Hills of Breffni, shining in the sun
Scenes that I knew so long ago
When in my boyhood, barefoot I would run
Through the fields and the woodlands I would go

Down by the river, there’s a old swinging pole
Where we laughed and played the summer days away
And home in the evening with the sun sinking low
In the Blue Hills of Breffni, far away

Far away, far away
Blue Hills of Breffni, far away
Old memories burning, soon I’ll be returning
To my Blue Hills of Breffni, far away

Old thatched cottage standing by the stream
Winter nights of story and of song
And the sound of the fiddle that my father used to play
And the music echoed as we sang along

Neighbours would gather round the old turf fire
They talked about the heroes of the day
Life was all for living in the days when we were young
In Blue Hills of Breffni, far away

I had a sweetheart, she was young and fair
She cared not that I had no wealth or fame
We’d go walking hand in hand along the leafy lane
To the old oak tree where once I carved her name

There we made our promises that we would never part
And our love would last for ever and a day
But I went a-roving and left my love behind
In Blue Hills of Breffni. far away




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