Brosna Town


My dear old home in the Kerry Hills, my thoughts are still with thee
Although I’m in a foreign land across the deep blue sea
I long to stand outside your door and watch the sun go down
And hear the church bells tolling o’er my native Brosna town

By the old wood road I long to stroll with its hedge’s tall and green
By Hannons gate, I would debate with some lovely fair colleen
Or to take a walk to Guines bridge on a Sunday afternoon
Where oft I danced a polka set to a lively fiddlers tune

At Carrigeens winding bends and fancy too I see
The river Feale flows fast and clear round Murphy’s Elder Tree
Where many the romance was discussed, from dark till early dawn
And many the times I spent with my cailin bawn

At Knockaclarigs lofty hills, I long to stand once more
And view from Shannon Airport to the town of sweet Rathmore
Back to the peaks of Cuddy’s Reeks, from Kilorglin on the Laune
From Castlemaine to Coolnagrain and home by Brosna town

Now to conclude, I say God bless to mother and Ireland too
I’ll nee’r forget when the both of you just faded from my view
But soon I will return again and good times, we’ll put down
In that dear old home by the old wood road, three miles from Brosna Town


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