Calm Avonree


Bright home of my youth, my own sorrowing sireland
My fond heart o’er-flows and the tears dim my eyes
When I think of thee, far distant, beautiful Ireland
And the dark seas between you and me, my hearts prize
And oft do I sigh for the days of my childhood
When I plucked the wild flowers on the fair upland lea
Or roamed the long day thro’ the green shady wildwood
On the green grassy banks of the calm Avonree

Ah me, I could fly like a bird o’er the ocean
To the home of my heart, to the land of my love
I’d be up on the wings with an exile’s devotion
And dare every danger, the dark seas above
Again would I roam through the green shady bowers
Where the boys used to drill e’er I first crossed the sea
And I’d weave for my Kathleen, a garland of flowers
On the green mossy banks of the calm Avonree

Kilkenny 1

Songs of Kilkenny


Written by John Locke who had a special love for the King’s River, the stream that gently wends its way through Callan, Co Kilkenny. Avonree is an anglicised form of the Gaelic ‘Abhainn Rí’.



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