Castle Hyde


As I roved out on a summer’s morning
Down by the banks of Blackwater side
To view the groves and the meadows charming
The pleasant gardens of Castle Hyde
‘Tis there l heard the thrushes warbling
The dove and partridge, I now describe
The lamb skins sporting each night and morning
All to adorn sweet Castle Hyde

The richest groves throughout this nation
And fine plantations you will see there
The rose, the tulip and sweet carnation
All vieing with the lily fair
The buck and doe, the fox and eagle
They skip and play by the river side
The trout and salmon are always sporting
In the clear streamlets of Castle Hyde

There are fine horses and stall-fed oxen
And dens for foxes to play and hide
Fine mares for breeding and foreign sheep in
With snowy fleeces in Castle Hyde
The grand improvements, they would amuse you
The trees are drooping with fruit beside
The bees perfuming the field with music
Which yields more beauty to Castle Hyde

I rode from Blarney to Castledermot
To Thomastown and sweet Doneraile
To dear Kilshanick that joins Rathcormack
Besides Killarney.and Abbeyfeale
The flowing Nore and the rapid Boyne
The river Shannon and pleasant Clyde
In all my ranging and serenading
I met no equal to Castle Hyde


Castle Hyde, a late 18th century stately home near Fermoy on the River Blackwater in County Cork was up to recently the home of Michael Flatley. The origin of the song is unknown but Irish antiquary Thomas Crofton Croker ventured an opinion that an itinerant poet with the view of being paid for his trouble, composed a song in praise of Castle Hyde. However, instead of the expected remuneration, the poor poet was driven from the gate by order of the then proprietor, who conceived that it could be only meant as mockery,  It can be sung to the air of ‘Boolavogue’

Castle Hyde

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