There’s a spot in the midlands that’s dear to my heart
A village with beauty so rare
And it lies near the foot of the lovely Sliabh Blooms
And it’s oft’ that my heart goes back there
Tidy Towns Champion, with hurlers of fame
Where peace and contentment abound
With it’s natural beauty, sure none can compare
With the village they call Castletown

To climb Pilgrim Hill and to look to the North
It’s a scene in my dreams I still see
As the mountains rise up from the valley below
With it’s heather and woodlands so green
The mill it looks down on that old waterfall
As the Nore winds its way to the sea
Where I fished and I swam in those long days of yore
Days that were heaven to me

That old village green where I hurled as a child
Before the new pitches were found
With the Monastery Hall at our beck and call
A concert each year would come round
My dreams of that spot haunt my memory still
To finish my days I’ll return
Back to the place where I started it all
To the village they call Castletown


Written by Christy Cullen

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