Chimes of Cove are pealing


Love for thee ’neath Weeping Willow
Dearest maiden on thy pillow
Restless as the distant billow
Round my heart is stealing
Through the hours the Bells are ringing
Songs of love to me they’re bringing
On the air sweet music singing
Chimes of Cove are pealing

’Neath the silvery moon appearing
Thy fair form, so calm endearing
Through my dreams is ever nearing
My fond love revealing
Of thy brown eyes, softly beaming
Through the dusk I’m ever dreaming
Dearest, hark: ’neath starlight gleaming
Chimes of Cove are pealing

Maiden of the nut-brown tresses
How I long for thy caresses
Through the night thine Angel blesses
Soft sleep o’er thee stealing
O’er the calm bay to the ocean
How those dolcet Bells in motion
Melodies are Heaven’s potion
Chimes of Cove are pealing


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J M Crofts