Coming back to Milltown


As I sit and dream in Boston, beneath the starry sky
Memories keep crowing of the times I was a boy
A barefoot tappy lad was I on the wide, wide streets of home
A carefree lad with friends galore, I was a fool to roam

And now I coming back to Milltown
In a week I will be there
Back to the friends I loved so well
In my dear old County Clare
I love the friends and neighbors
And I’ll drink with all the boys
I long to see the sadness
Leave my dear mother’s eyes

Now my mother, she had raised me on her own since I was three
And it nearly broke her kindly heart when I sailed across the sea
But I was young in those far off days, all I wanted was to roam
I didn’t mind the sadness that I caused to those back home

Now in Quilty there’s a beauty, and her name, it is Eileen
I know that she’ll be waiting, waiting there for me
So no more I’ll go a roving, in Milltown I will stay
And I’ll wed my dark eyed beauty right away


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