County Tyrone


Behind yon green mountains
Whose summit stands high
I watched the sun rising
Right proud in the sky
The dark clouds are passing
Their shadows are thrown
On the high hoary hills
Of the County Tyrone

The morning is bright
But my heart, it is low
So far from those green hills
I’ll soon have to go
Across the wide ocean
Forever to roam
And leave far behind me
The Hills of Tyrone

Oh my poor heart is breaking
With sorrow and pain
For those green hills and valleys
I’ll ne’er see again
But the sea shall run dry
And the lake cease to moan
Before I forget you
My darling Tyrone

And when I’m far away
From the land of my birth
I’ll still think of thee
As the fairest on earth
I’ll come back to the land
Of Fitzgerald and Tone
And the high hoary hills
Of the County Tyrone


A song made popular by Delia Murphy

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