Dear Old Elphin


I woke up last night with a tear in my eye
When I dreamt of my dear native town
‘Twas the place where I started my life to begin
That lovely town of Elphin

I left there some years back to look for a job
In the land of the steel and the smoke
As I sailed into that Liverpool docks
I was asking these words as I spoke

Singing, Dear Old Elphin will I see you again
Where the heather and roses in bloom
Where I strolled through the green fields by the lake waters there
As I oft times did when I was young

I still can recall the fine evenings we spent
In the parks with its ivy covered walls
And the photos we snapped of the lads in the school
Where the big clock still hangs on the wall

From the Church on the hill and the silent windmill
Where the big wheel once ground up the corn
Going easterly still to a place called Smith Hill
That house where Goldsmith was born

I can still see the Palace, once princely domain
Every echo fond memories of old
Near the tall chestnut tree and the little spring well
That St. Patrick once found there we’re told

I know I’ll go back there, someday that I will
For my heart has an aching so strong
And I’ll always remember my mother’s fond words
As she would gently sing me this song


Supplied by Lee Congleton, late of Creeve, Elphin

Elphin windmill

Elphin Windmill, believed to have been built about 1730 by Edward Synge, Bishop of Elphin in order to to provided meal for the local population. It was restored as a FAS project in 1996

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