Dublin's Inner City


The old man sits and wonders just what can he do
He’s lived there in this neighborhood since nineteen-twenty-two
He’s forced to leave his home to make way for their plans
And he knows that they don’t care or give a damm

So he takes a stroll down Monto, what’s left of it today
Remembering his childhood and the games he used to play
Now all he’s got are memories and they are but a few
And it seems the money grabbers want them too

And living in a one room slum ain’t easy
Raising seven children on the dole
No place for kids to play while you build your motorway
Is Loughin house the play-ground of today

Dublin’s inner city is a sorry sight to see
A mass of filty buildings, strife and poverty
The people find it hard to make ends meet most of the time
And you’re surprised that they should turn to crime

The greedy speculators are waiting to move in
With their lawyers and their legal talk, the chances are they’ll win
They make their public speeches and give the people some old line
But you know we won’t be fooled so easily this time


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