Emigrant's voyage to America


On the twenty second day of March, eighteen and forty nine four
A young aspiring Irishman sailed for the Yankee shore
On leaving Queenstown Quay in Cork on that eventful day
These were the words, the parting words that lonely youth did say
Goodbye Erin’s lovely isle that we may ne’er see more
A long farewell to all my friends there on the Shamrock Shore
I’m bound across the raging waves, to prosper if I can
With prospects bright before me in the land of Uncle Sam

When the tender steamed out from the quay, the shouts and wails arose
On every side I heard those cries, great sorrows to disclose
That monarch of the raging sea lay still beneath my view
That Teutonic that no one e’er fear, that never steamed untrue
Her passengers been got on board, her bells did loudly sound
Her course then quickly she reversed; we soon were westward bound
And steaming round off Kerry’s coastwe all gave many a wail
As we took one look, one parting glimpse of lovely lnisfail

When we had sailed two thousand miles across that trackless trail
We spied two gorgeous icebergs and they floating on the main
That morning fair, the sky being clear, on deck we all did run
To view those crystal monsters and they dazzling in the sun
On Ellis Island we did land, after crossing o’er the seas
The Stars and Stripes there proudly waved and fluttered in the breeze
How proud our hearts would beat that day if o’er us could be seen
That ancient flag our own dear flag, the lovely flag of green


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