Falling o' the rain


Goodbye to County Carlow, ’tis the lonesome place to me
Sure every week is like a month, and every month like three
The mist is coming wet and cold, but now I won’t complain
I’m going home and little reck the fallin’ o’ the rain

‘Twas foolishness that brought me here, I wonder at it now
Too proud was I to work the spade or follow up the plow
But little work and gold galore won’t heal the heart o’ pain
And I’m off to old Kilkenny thro’ the fallin’ o’ the rain

‘Twas foolishness that brought me here, ’twas madness made me stay
With not a hillside sloping green to rest my eyes all day
But Allen’s bog outstretching like the level, blinding main
And ne’er burst of sunshine for the falling o’ the rain

A plague upon the landlord crew, they’re everywhere the same
If Ireland’s deep in poverty, we know on whom the blame
Black greed is in their grasping hearts, they’d rob us root and grain
Just judgment fall upon them with the falling o’ the rain

The lads are tall and hearty here, their faces good to see
And God will sure reward them all their kindness unto me
But when I feigned their merry dance and heard the pipers play
My heart nigh burst with longing for the faces far away

I wonder if ’tis but a dream a hundred times a day
And draw my hand across my eyes to drive it all away
Then faint and dim, I see the hills beyond this weary plain
They call my wild heart ever throgh the falling o’ the rain

But soon I’ll breathe the heather breath on brown Knockbrocken’s side
And see a silver-shining stream across the valley’s glide
No rest shall taste these weary limbs or sleep the throbbing brain
Till Suir’s flood shows gleaming through the falling o’ the rain


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