Falls of Doonass


As I roved out one evening as Sol cast his rays
Behind yon western mountains and the wide western seas
I carelessly roved out, my leisure hours to pass
For to view the Shannon water that flows through Doonass
My mind was enraptured at this enchanting scene
Such a place in all Ireland, there is not I ween
Proud, beautiful and crystal bright, shining like glass
Is that pure Shannon water that flows through Doonass

In Doonass I was born and ‘tis there I’d like to die
And down in its old churchyard, my old bones lie
For if fortune proves in favour, the seas I ne’er will cross
Nor bid adieu to Clonlara, Castleconnell or Doonass

Have you been to Killarney, the Causeway or Quay
The proud bay of Dublin, Loophead or Kinsale ?
The city cove of Cork seems but shadows or gas
When compared to the proud rolling falls of Doonass
And if you’re tired of walking, proceed on further still
To the right of Massey’s mansion, ‘tis there you’ll get your fill
And when you reach the summit, come fill up your glass
Drink a health, wealth and honour to the falls of Doonass

Go into the rock-gardens to take a refreshing breeze
Where the holy hand of time has spread beneath its trees
‘tis there you’ll see the anglers, both bonny, bright and gay
With their artificial flies in the sweet month of May
Go eastward and westward and into the churchyard
Quiet sober and silent, ‘twould win your regard
With its crumbling walls of ivy and graves of green grass
And the dead lying beneath them near the falls of Doonass

And if you’re not tired of walking, proceed on further still
Until you come up with Saint Senan’s holy well
Where the lame, blind and weary a cure ever has
In that healing gift from heaven near the falls of Doonass
Oh, when shall that day come, that dear and happy hour
When I’ll walk undisturbed ‘neath the turret’s green bower
With my mind free from care, and by my side a lass
And she lives in a cottage near the falls of Doonass


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