Four country roads


Four country roads, winding to a town in County Galway
Four country roads, leading to the friends I left behind
Four dusty roads, winding to the town of Glenamaddy
Four dusty roads, forever in the caverns of my mind

Once in a while I hear the sound of music in the winter night I see now and then
The trees where we sheltered from the rain
And once in a while I see us walking home in the morning light
And oft are the times I long to see my home town once again

Four roads to Glenamaddy
Four roads that drift apart
Four roads to Glenamaddy
Are the four dusty byways to my heart

One country road led me to the schoolhouse by the meadow
And one country road to the churchyard where my Mum and Daddy lie
One dusty road where I strolled with a loved one in the shadows
And one dusty road that led me on my journey far away


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