Girl from the wee County Louth


Round Erin’s green shores there are coleens galore
With a charm and rare beauty endowed
But none can compare with a coleen so fair
My girl from the wee County Louth
From Dundalk to Baltray and on to Ardee
Her beauty is known far and wide
’tis heaven when she goes strolling with me
By the banks of the gay rushing Glyde

My Eileen, her eyes are as blue as the skies
That shine over lovely Greenore
Her hair, purest gold just like *Emer’s of old
And I love her, mo cushla a stór
Neath tall Anaverna the sun says goodnight
As it peeps o’er the hilltops of blue
In that heavenly scene, I kissed my Eileen
And we vowed that we’d always be true

I’ve a nice tidy house, I’m content with my lot
In my skies, there are never a cloud
Wth my babe smiling there in her own little chair
And my girl from the wee County Louth
And my girl from the wee County Louth


Written by Brendan O’Dowda

* Emer, the golden haired daughter of Forgall Monach the cunning, was courted by CuChulainn in the Cooley area of County Louth.