Green hills of Clare


Though I have travelled many lands
To far off Australian sands
My thoughts turn to Eirn
When my day’s toil is done
I travelled Great Britain o’re
I’m now on Columbia’s shore
The birth place of freedom
And the famed Washington

Scenes of splendour, I have met
Amoung them, all I can’t forget
A vine covered cottage
With roses quiet rare
It stands on the pleasant vale
For o’re the sea in Irish fail
The home of my childhood
My sweet County Clare

I love my country
Through and through
It’s round towers and abbeys
I love and revere
I’ve heard all her stories
Of her famed views and glories
From the groves of Tir Connell
To the coast of Cape Clear

And deep in each exile’s heart
Are thoughts too scared to impact
Concerning my childhooh
And playmates so fair
Let nobody blame me
Let no treaty defame me
When I speak of my birthplace
In my sweet County Clare


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