Hannah Healy, the pride of Howth


You matchless nine, to my aid incline
Assist my genius while I declare
My lovesick pain for a beauteous dame
Whose killing charms did me ensnare
Sly little Cupid has knocked me stupid
In grief I mourn upon my oath
My frame’s declining, I’m so repining
For Hannah Healy, the pride of Howth

She’s tall and slender, both young and tender
She’s modest, mild, and she’s all sublime
For education in Erin’s nation
There’s none to equal this nymph divine
I wish to gain her but can’t obtain her
I’d fondly court her but yet I’m loath
Lest I should tease her or once displease her
Sweet Hannah Healy, the pride of Howth

At seventeen this maid serene
My heart attracted, I must allow
I thought her surely a goddess purely
Or some bright angel, in truth I vow
Since that I languish, rny mind’s in anguish
A deep decline it has curbed my growth
None can relieve me, then you can believe me
But Hannah Healy, the pride of Howth

In all Olympus I’m sure no nymph is
To equal her that I do admire
Her lovely features surpasses nature
Alas, they set my poor heart on fire
She exceeds Flora, or bright Aurora
Or beauteous Venus from the briny froth
I am captivated, I do repeat it
By Hannah Healy, the prjde of Howth

Each lovely morning, young men keep swarming
To view this charmer taking the air
She’s so enchanting, they all are panting
To gain her favor, I do declare
But still they’re fearful, and no way cheerful
The greatest hero, you’ll find him loath
Nor dare entreat her or supplicate her
So bright an angel is the pride of Howth.

I’ll drop my writing and my inditing
I see it’s useless for me to fret
A pound of trouble, or sorrow double
Will ne’er atone for an ounce of debt
I’ll resign courting and all like sporting
Cupid and Hymen, I’ll shun them both
And raise my mind from all female kind
So adieu, sweet Hannah, the pride of Howth


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Irish women