Hometown in County Mayo


There’s a nice little town in the County Mayo
Sure ’twill always be heaven to me
Belmullet’s its name and I’m sure you all know
That it nestles quite close to the sea
Oh! the streets are so neat, so tidy and clean
In my memory I always will see
My own little corner, my pride and my joy
’Tis Belmullet along by the sea

I have travelled out east and I’ve gone to the west
To the north and the south I did go
But Belmullet’s the placed that I’ll always love best
My home town in County Mayo.
As I stand here alone on this foreign shore
I know that far over the sea
The coast of the west is the place I love best
Belmullet is nearest to me

Take me back to my home, the place of my birth
For ’tis there I am longing to be
If God wills it so, I shall go there and find
My beautiful home by the sea

Mayo 1

Songs of Mayo


Written by Mary McGonigle.



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