I love the Lee


I love the Lee as I recall the day
When first I parted from its lovely shore
O’er oceans wide with throbbing heart I pray
That I might see its soft green banks once more
I love the Lee as it entrancing winds
Thro’ Inniscarra’s sweet and lovely vale
At every curve, its flowing pathway finds
Enchanted spots from out some fairy tale

I love the Lee where first I met my dear
Her tender smiles, they still enchant the scene
The years have passed, yet her sweet voice I hear
And words of love my heart holds ever green
I love the Lee when flowers bloom again
And when in fancy thro’ the glens I roam
In childhood’s days, oh, I was happy then
Now fondest memories ever call me home

I love the Lee at night and noon and morn
At every hour from rise to ebb of tide
Its verdant banks, the trees and woods adorn
Where lowly cot and stately mansion hide
I love the Lee where at its journey’s end
Ring out with welcome peal the bells of Cove
A longing exile’s tears with gladness blend
For this the grand old river that I love


Written by C. A. Finnegan

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