Inchgeelagh Lass


I greet thee proud Iveleary’s sons and daughters fair and true
Assembled at the south end club, old friendships to renew
This annual opportunity I’m loath to let it pass
E’re I recite my tale tonight of my Inchageelagh Lass

Iveleary, oh how sweet thy name rings in the excile’s ear
Oh, I’ve oft seen those heath clad hills in five and twenty years
T’was there I first my hearts delight, one Sunday morn at mass
As I knelt in prayer in that chaple there with my Inchageelagh Lass

She was modest as the cooing dove and as gentle as the fawn
That swept o’er Desmond’s storied heights, or highland o’er Gougane
No Godess fair or grecian lay in beauty could surpass
That winsome rogue, my Maureen Og, my Inchageelagh Lass

And like all the boys along the Lee, I joined the rebel band
And pledged myself to the freedom of my dear native land
As an outlaw I was chased from Cork to Kelmaneigh’s famed pass
I was forced to flee from Erin’s Lee and my Inchgeelagh Lass.

I sped through Inniscara’s groves before the break of day
To a passage on a Yankie ship that in Queenstown harbour lay
My Captain being a Fenian bold, my safety to compass
So my ship set sail from Grainne Mhoil and my Inchageelagh lass

Iveleary, oh Iveleary, far away across the wave
You hold what I prize most on earth, my Maureen’s moss grown grave
My present habitation is in Broadway, Boston Mass
But the Buchaill Rua is always true to his Inchageelagh Lass


Song Clip